Peanut Butter Pet Elixir

Rebel Chef Pet Elixir was made to honor Harper, Michael’s Bull Mastiff. When Harper was 7.5 years old, he was diagnosed with arthritis in both back legs. Once Harper was on CBD, Michael could see how his mobility increased; it helped his ability to get up and down. We hope your pet will become much happier, just like Harper.
Research has suggested that CBD may help your pet with symptoms of osteoarthritis and the accompanying pain, stiffness in their joints, seizures, separation anxiety, anxiety from thunderstorms and fireworks, and going to the vet or groomer. CBD has also been thriving in usage for appetite stimulation. Some success has shown that CBD has been beneficial for skin conditions and topical use.
Recommended usage for dogs: 1 – 2 mg CBD per every 10 lbs. of your pet, then adjust to your pet’s needs. You must provide cats with 2-4 mg of CBD per 10 lbs. Cats do not have as many cannabinoid receptors as dogs, so they need twice the amount.
To start your pet on CBD, we recommend micro-dosing your pet and breaking that total dose into half in the morning and half at night. We use a plastic graduated dropper that you can give to your pet orally.

Lab Reports:

 Lab Report Lot# RCPB1082523, Lab Report Lot# RCPB1031924

Lab Report Lot# RCPB3051823, Lab Report Lot# RCPB3102323

Lab Report Lot# HPB5041023, Lab Report Lot# RCPB5102323



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2 reviews for Peanut Butter Pet Elixir

  1. Jim of DFW Rescue

    In my role at our rescue, I have had the opportunity to help first hand, dogs with anxiety issues. Storm, separation, fearfulness and many different issues. Harper’s Pet Elixir has helped those dogs. It has a plastic dropper and a great taste, so you don’t have to worry about giving it directly to your pet.

    We have tried many different types of remedies and Harper’s Pet Elixir is the best for our needs

  2. Nikki Gore

    We have been giving this to our Corgi nightly for about two years now. She will soon be 3 years-old. We give it to her about an hour before she goes “to bed” which is in her kennel. After about an hour of having her “night night cookie” (we put a few drops on a small treat), she puts herself in bed and happily sleeps like a baby all night. I NEVER hear her bark or get up at night. In the morning, she rises with a big stretch and slowly emerges from her kennel to happily start her day. Occasionally, we give her a small dose prior to going to “the spa” or the vet, and it really calms her. This tincture for pets is amazing and I would struggle to adapt to a life without it. So would my pup! She loves it. Michael is truly an artist.

    • Michael Weinstein

      We are happy to hear how the elixir is helping your Corgi.

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